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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Truth?

While growing up, we were told things about how big the world is; how it was waiting for us to launch ourselves. We believed if we stuck with school, stuck with our arts, got high grades and graduated successfully, we would be fine. That was until we got thrown in the deep end and roughly woken from our slumber. We start out being simple, nice and kind but end up as hard and cynical adults as the realisation that our expectations have been unrealistic dawns on us.   

Maybe if we had been told the truth about the world all along, we would have learnt to make dreaming and acting our second nature; we would have been focused on working hard and looking for ways to create the environments we dreamt of. Maybe we would not have been expecting to have things laid out for us; we would not have felt like the world owed us anything and our thoughts would have been about what to give.

I might not have needed these lessons if the world was perfect but it is not! Governments, policies, charities etc. all have points at which they have failed and are still failing. Nothing is perfect.

Right from the onset, I would have loved to be told that the world is a hard place where I need to carve my own niche and grow through learning; that as I work towards creating the things I want, I would learn to appreciate the beauty of it all. Now that I know the truth, I am blessed with the knowledge that it is never too late for me to start.

Would you have appreciated being told the plain simple truth? What would you have done differently? Start Now!

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm, interesting. You are right about being told the truth. However, someone else's 'truth' might not be the same for another; e.g. That my mother failed at something doesn't mean I shouldn't pursue that thing in life. So I guess maybe in life, sometimes it's best we teach children to expect the best out of life, that way they can face life head on and then find out themselves that life isn't exactly a bed of roses, and you don't always have what you want - rather than telling them, let them find out themselves. Life is supposed to be for discovery and daily lessons. But I feel you. We always want to know ahead.
PS: it's a deep piece, give it a go as a poem and see how it looks.

emma said...

Payme...its clear,the world is not a bed of roses.
cocaine addict

Anonymous said...

Simple truth , oh yes World isn't a place to be without direction, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? SAY IT, WRITE IT AND WORK IT. SO Whatever,or Whoever is not relevant to your goals must be avoided. WE SHALL NOT FAIL. Amen

princess zee said...

True talk