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Hiya! Just a quick intro :) I lived in Nigeria for more than half of my life (so far) before moving to England and I have seen the best and the worst of both worlds. I was greatly inspired by the #OccupyNigeria protests and this blog is my way of #occupying. A lot of us compare African countries to the Western countries and I will mainly be talking about the positive things that I have observed and learnt in my few years of living here. Payme’s 2Cents is for all who dare to dream to see changes in their lifetime. It is for those who dream to see environments where 'helping' thrives. I will be giving my2cents worth on how we can work towards getting things to change for better. It would be great to know your opinions, so please leave comments. Remember to keep sharing posts that you enjoy. Follow @payme_my2cents. Thanks a lot for visiting!!! Enjoy my2cents :).

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Payme's profile on www.omojuwa.com!

This happened a little over a week ago :)


She is the very first winner of our SuperBloggers series. Considering the plans and ideas we have for this writers and bloggers competition, I am particularly excited because our first winner is not just a person of competence but also a lady with a big heart. She chose to donate her cash prize to a charity called 1Child1Book an organisation founded bY child songstress Tosin Jegede. She took time out to introduce herself to us. Enjoy the short profile below.

My name is Oluwapemi Elujoba (Payme). I am from Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I am a third year Chemistry student at the University of Bristol, England. I am a Christian. I love *good* music, reading, writing and sports (mainly tennis, formula 1 & football). I hope to one day be able to play an acoustic guitar and speak French fluently.

I had all of my primary and secondary school education in Nigeria before moving to England. A couple of months ago, the #occupyNigeria protests inspired me to start my blog. My aim is to continuously motivate every one of us to be actively involved in our communities. I believe in the beauty of humanity and I know it will always triumph all evil. I have a passion for justice; especially for ordinary citizens like me who feel like they have no voice. I believe we can all make our country much better than it is today by holding ourselves and our leaders accountable for all actions. We have to keep hope alive; without it, there is no reason to live.

Keep visiting my blog and please do drop comments. I hope the blog continues to be thought-provoking. We should all keep inspiring and motivating each other to always do good.

To Omojuwa, thanks a lot for this opportunity. To my boo and sister (my amazing editors lol), friends and everybody who have supported my blog. Thank you so much!

Payme does write really well and focuses on issues that matter to the society. You should see her new blog here http://payme-my2cents.blogspot.com/



Blossom said...

I feel glad reading this. You have an amazing tomorrow Sweetheart. Do have a fabulous blogging time. I will follow you and hope to get inspired by you.

Anonymous said...

This is really great Payme... I believe in your abilities right from our secondary school days. I hope to read more from you.