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Hiya! Just a quick intro :) I lived in Nigeria for more than half of my life (so far) before moving to England and I have seen the best and the worst of both worlds. I was greatly inspired by the #OccupyNigeria protests and this blog is my way of #occupying. A lot of us compare African countries to the Western countries and I will mainly be talking about the positive things that I have observed and learnt in my few years of living here. Payme’s 2Cents is for all who dare to dream to see changes in their lifetime. It is for those who dream to see environments where 'helping' thrives. I will be giving my2cents worth on how we can work towards getting things to change for better. It would be great to know your opinions, so please leave comments. Remember to keep sharing posts that you enjoy. Follow @payme_my2cents. Thanks a lot for visiting!!! Enjoy my2cents :).

Thursday, 5 January 2012

#OccupyNigeria Protest in London

Reading all about the protesters in Nigeria being maltreated and the two confirmed deaths so far is inspirational enough to make me want to go and join the protesters in London today..if only I'm not so frustrated with Nigeria and literally truly think of it as near hopeless. 
So far, on media sites, everyone (Christians and Muslims alike) is praying prayers that are based on parts of the bible that talk about how Isaac flourished in the midst of a famine - I interpret this as each of us praying to God to help us excel even with the struggles and I do not think that anyone really believes that the famine, which in this case is Nigeria's struggles, would ever go away.
I have faith in the strength of the Nigerian people to weather the storms and come out stronger but I have little or no faith in Nigeria 'The Country'...the corruption, the disregard for humanity, the resignation of people to situations they see as beyond their control etc is just so so deep :( 
Where do we start rebuilding? It is very easy to write the things that can be done on paper, but is there anyone out there that completely believes that these can be achieved? Are there committed people out there?
What do you think?

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